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New inspiring find every Wednesday. Make sure to watch this space each week as this content will be taken down at the end of the month and you won’t want to miss it!

Week 1:


  • This is a Favorite Find of mine not only because of how cool the photo is, but, I believe it gives a very good visual of how deep the psoas muscle is.
  • Notice how it crosses the hip joint. Can you imagine moving the origin (the upper part that attaches to the lumbar vertebrae) away from the insertion (the part that inserts on the upper, inner femur bone)?
  • When the psoas is tight/short, it pulls the low back into deeper extension (backbend), which is believed to compress the lumbar vertebrae. If your intention is to lengthen and release the psoas, next time you’re in a high lunge, upright pigeon, warrior one, or any poses that lengthen the hip flexor area, visualize moving the origin and insertion away from each other and the psoas getting longer. You can find some good cues for this under My Favorite Cues this month. I post every Wednesday morning.
  • If you want a deeper understanding of this muscle, take a look at the mini training from this month.


  • This is a succinct and great article about the psoas. It seems like everyone quotes Liz Koch because she has been studying the psoas for so long, and is truly an expert on the subject.
  • There are quite a few interesting tidbits of information that you can take from this article and talk about in your classes. If you’re a student (a curious yogi!), consider taking some of the pointers to become even more aware of your psoas muscle.
  • Have you heard of David Keil? He’s the author of FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY OF YOGA. In this week’s 7 minute mini training, he talks about his take on the psoas.

Week 3:

Another way to stretch


  • This is one of my favorite psoas stretches. Try the C curve cue here in this stretch. Heaven!
  • Stay soft and supple on the side that’s being stretched.
  • Want more easily digestible info about the psoas? Look at the previous week’s Favorite Finds on this page and review previous Mini Trainings.


  • You guys know by now there are different schools of thought on every topic in the world, including yoga. I try to find you high quality information based not only off of scientific research, but also anecdotal research from long time practitioners. Try everything on for size and keep what works for or resonates with you.
  • This is the last week that the psoas content will be up on my site. Take a look at anything you may have missed and let me know what’s working (or not) for you.


  • One way to tell if your psoas is tight.
  • Signs of a tight lower vs. upper psoas.
  • Why you may want to consider (or at least try) moving from a supple core vs a stable core.
  • Why constructive rest pose can be so important. Note: I will post a picture with cues of constructive rest pose on my Instagram @pamudellyoga this week.
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