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New inspiring find every Wednesday. Make sure to watch this space each week as this content will be taken down at the end of the month and you won’t want to miss it!

Week 1:

GuruNanda – Science of Yogic Breathing – Video #13


  • Want your organs to function better for overall health? Breathing can make a huge difference.
  • This is a cute 3-minute video with a serious message about the breath.
  • The 1:50-minute mark is where he talks about yogic breathing if you would like to skip the first part.


  • What stress has to do with our breath.
  • Understand why our stress response has a negative impact on our breath.
  • The basics of how our breath stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system.
  • If you want to be led through a stress-reducing 3-minute breathing training with Dr. Andrew Weil, check out my mini training this month!

Week 2:

Rib Animation


  • This is a wonderful and very short animation about the breath showing the muscles, bones, and organs that are also involved when we breathe three-dimensionally.
  • You can see the lateral expansion a high-quality breath creates.
  • Do you get the feeling when watching this of how beneficial this type of breath is? How it creates internal massage through breath? I do, and I love it!

Week 3:

Unlocking the Power of the Vagus Nerve


  • We hear about inflammation causing so many issues in our bodies. Well, one way to help with inflammation is to stimulate the Vagus nerve by using the full function of your diaphragm to BREATHE.
  • Take a look at this minute in a half video that will introduce you to your Vagus nerve. If you take my classes, you’ve heard me mention the Vagus nerve and the importance of this nerve to our general well being. Perhaps this video will be one of the most important introductions you will have in your life.
  • One way to stimulate the vagus nerve is to BREATHE with an effort to use the full range of motion of your diaphragm. Check out my mini training this month that will show you a visual of full belly breathing.

Week 4:

Coming the 4th Wednesday in April!

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