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New inspiring find every Wednesday. Make sure to watch this space each week as this content will be taken down at the end of the month and you won’t want to miss it!

Week 1:

Today’s Anatomy Question #7: Is Chaturanga causing shoulder pain?

In this video, you will find out:

  • Why taking push-ups with different arm variations is so important.
  • Tips on how to strengthen for chaturanga.
  • Why Mary (an anatomy instructor for Judith Hansen Lasater’s program) feels chaturanga isn’t the problem when it comes to shoulder pain, but rather how we’re doing it.


  • I cannot believe she does 108 push ups a day. That’s…a lot! It is so important to understand that our bodies and tissues can be very different than our neighbors on the mat. I’m pretty sure if I did 108 push ups a day (even if I worked progressively up to them), I would end up with a wear and tear problem. Just sayin’, listen to your body!!!
  • The big take away is stability in the shoulder blades as we move through a yogi push up, i.e. chaturanga.
  • If you go to my chaturanga blog, you will see why taking the elbows out (and wider hands too) is easier for some on the shoulder joint.

Week 2:

The Serratus Anterior

In this video, you will find out:

  • You will see, in motion, how the serratus works.


  • I searched and searched, this is the most succinct and easy to follow video I could find. It’s actually a great video… it just doesn’t have sound. It’s still easy to understand though!

Week 3:

9 Chaturanga Alternatives

Article by Garrett Neill from Shut up and Yoga


  • I feel like many of us are scared to take chaturanga out of our practice, or our teaching, due to fear that our practice would then not be hard enough.
  • Well, problem solved! There are some really cool variations in this blog that I found that will still challenge you… without you actually having to take a *yogi push up*.
  • Make sure to scroll down to see all the variations.

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