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I have a 37-minute flow class for you this week with a twist on the Sun Salutations!! I’ll warm you up with 5 rounds of Sun A, then take you on a Sun B journey around your mat. We’ll work on some optional hops in Utkatasana to get the heart rate up, and then we’ll finish with core work and deep stretching.

Click here or on the class preview collage below to go to this week’s video. Note that I am now posting my classes with and without music so you get to choose a more customized experience when you visit my Digital Yoga Studio!!


Did you miss this month’s Weekly Inspirations and links about the deeper meaning of Sun Salutations? Click here to go to my website for the Week 1 and Week 3 newsletters that incorporate some of my Favorite Finds on the history of the Sun Salutations.

If you’re like me and you’ve been surrounded by dark skies and rainy weather, practicing the Sun Salutations is a great way to infuse some light and energy into your day!!


Good morning!

First, I wanted to remind you that your newsletter will look a little different this month in that I won’t have a specific cue with the anatomy behind the cue. Instead, I’ll be sharing different articles and blogs about the Sun Salutations so you have an opportunity to dive a little deeper into this part of your practice.

Have you paid homage to the sun this week for its light, energy, and splendor? My class from last week will give you that opportunity. If you want to flow with a little extra intention towards the sun, check out my latest 48-minute flow that is focused around Sun A, B, and C. Click here to go to my website for the class video.

As I mentioned earlier in the month, there are varying views about exactly how the Sun Salutations came to be. Click here for this week’s Favorite Find on the history of the Sun Salutations. While you’re there, feel free to go back to Week 1’s newsletter and read the different articles there as well. Here’s a clip from this week’s article:

“Classic Surya Namaskar is a rite of sun worship. It includes 12 points of prostration, each with its own pose and complex mantra connected to the 12 houses (or dasas) of the sun. The mantras follow the formula: ‘om’ + ‘baja’ (seed) mantra + ‘paada’ (name for the sun) + ‘namaha’. For example, in the first asana (what yoga calls Tadasana), one calls out, “om-hraam-mitraya-namaha”. ‘Hraam’ is said to vitalize the brain, nerves, and lungs. ‘Mitraya’ evokes the friendliness (mitra) and intimacy one experiences in response to the sun’s constancy. Chanting ‘mitraya’ primes the practitioner for activating friendliness in his/her day…”

I knew there was a reason we’re all a little friendlier when we practice yoga! Enjoy your day and share some extra smiles!!

Good morning!

Let’s flow, breathe, and honor the sun with this week’s class! I have a 48-minute video for you that is built off of the Sun Salutations. I’ll lead you through Sun A and C, followed by a balance segment. We’ll finish the standing part of class together with 5 rounds of Sun B, and end the practice with a short, deep-opening segment and Savasana. This class is set to music…enjoy!!  

Click here or on the class-preview collage below to be taken to my website for this week’s video (as you can see, we get a lot of poses in…not just Sun Salutations!).

Did you miss last week’s newsletter and links about the deeper meaning of Sun Salutations? Click here to go to my website for my Week 1 newsletter.







 Happy June!  

Since the sun is finally shining (most days), I thought this would be the perfect time to explore SUN SALUTATIONS.

Your newsletter will look a little different than usual in that I won’t have a specific cue with the anatomy behind the cue. Instead, I’ll be sharing different articles and blogs about the Sun Salutations so you have an opportunity to dive a little deeper into this part of your practice. I’ll be releasing two new classes this month, both of which will revolve around variations of Sun Salutations. Do you know all the variations? There’s Sun A, Sun B, Sun C, and the Moon Salutation (this last one isn’t officially a Sun Salutation, but I’ll include it in our practice this month).

Have you ever asked yourself why you practice Sun Salutations at the beginning of every class? I think most of us know they are used to warm the body and move the spine into flexion and extension, but there is a deeper meaning that may help you elevate the mental part of your practice.

Personally, I love Sun Salutations because it offers me an opportunity to get in a groove and move with my breath. But every now and then, I remind myself of the deeper meaning, and use it as a focal point at the beginning of class when I want to add more depth to my yoga practice.

“Surya” means sun and “Namaskar” means to bow to. In other words, we are bowing to the sun and all it represents – light, energy, and life!

The meaning behind Sun Salutations can depend on who you talk to, how they were trained, and in which tradition they accumulated their yoga knowledge. Some say it’s thousands of years old and was used as a ritual for morning prayer. It’s commonly taught to practice Sun Salutations facing east as the sun rises to help absorb the powerful energy of the sun. Others believe the Sun Salutations came about in the early 1900’s, strictly as a form of exercise. I’ll be sharing articles that provide some perspective.

In terms of pace for moving through Sun Salutations, that’s up to you. I like the pace to link up with a medium to full length breath. I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I hate when an instructor goes too fast and I can’t link breath to movement. On the other hand, there are people (and instructors) who love to move at a fast pace and use Sun Salutations solely to get the heart rate up. Again, you get to decide what feels best for you!

Click here to go to the Weekly Inspirations page of my website to check out two articles on Sun Salutations I think you will enjoy. Here is an overview of what each article explains:

Article One (
– a basic history of Sun Salutations
– why some people choose to practice 108 Sun Salutations
– when to practice
– what a Moon Salutation is

Article Two (
– a brief history of the Sun Salutations
– why we join our hands in prayer pose at the beginning and end of each salutation
– how your own “inner sun” can add another dimension to your movements

Sometimes all it takes for me to elevate my practice is to use the Sun Salutations as a reminder of my gratitude for the light, energy, and warmth the sun provides. Occasionally, I’ll add a short mantra like “thank you”, “love” or “peace”…anything I’m feeling in the moment or want more of in my life so that my Sun Salutations become like a prayer in motion.










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