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This week I have a 47-minute Warrior Flow where you’ll have an opportunity to put last week’s cue into action! Click here to go to my website for the class.

I am hoping you have had the chance to read the interesting story behind the Warrior poses. If you haven’t, click here for your last chance to check it out!

In case you didn’t see my previous emails or Instagram posts, I am embarking on a 10-month Functional Nutrition course and will be occasionally sharing some of what I learn in my Weekly Inspirations. Here’s this week’s Nutrition Nugget, taken directly from my course:

“Lustig is a professor of pediatric endocrinology at UCSF. And he speaks about not only fructose, but a major missing component in our food today. That missing component is fiber! Low-fiber diets are one of the leading causes of diverticulitis, IBS, constipation, and hemorrhoids. Dietary fiber is undoubtedly one of the most talked about nutrients for health promotion and disease prevention.”

I started reading and hearing more about the importance of fiber a couple of years ago and have definitely “upped” my fiber intake. The primary benefit that I notice is that I am more satiated after a high-fiber meal. The key is to start slow and gradually build your intake. Also, you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. If you are currently dealing with stomach issues, please talk to a nutritionist so he/she can direct you as to what kind of fiber will be best for you. Here are some additional benefits of fiber:
1) helps to regulate blood sugar
2) soluble fibers absorb unneeded cholesterol and toxins from the bloodstream
3) insoluble fiber helps with elimination

The following is also taken directly from my course. Sources of soluble fiber are:

  • lentils and other beans
  • pectin – like you’d find in apples, carrots, and orange peels

Psyllium husks and veggies are a great source of insoluble fiber. Note that most food sources of fiber actually contain a mixture of the two.  

If you’ve ever seen any of my smoothie recipes, you’ll remember that I usually add psyllium husks to them!

One inspiring cue:

For today’s cue, begin in Utkatasana, leaning your torso forward about 30 degrees. Keeping your hips fairly level and your spine long, begin to float your left leg behind you. Then, rotate your left foot open to the left just to the point where it’s comfortable for you. Try not to let your pelvis rotate too much while doing this (you can take your hands on your hips to feel your alignment). Keep the foot rotation in the left foot and step back to Warrior One. Voila! That’s approximately how far you should have your back foot angled in the pose.

Since the knee joint is not designed for rotation when the leg is straight (there is slight rotation only when the knee is bent), if your foot is turned out too much as you gently turn the back hip forward, you can torque your knee. Ouch! This way of getting into Warrior One allows you to turn the foot out to a natural position so when you arrive in Warrior One, you are less likely to aggravate the knee. Remember, the hips should only rotate forward to a point that is comfortable for your body (you can go to my Instagram account this month and read about squaring/not squaring your hips in Warrior One).

Keep your eyes open for next week’s yoga class where you’ll have an opportunity to practice this cue!

One inspiring tip:


Come into Spinal Balance on your hands and knees with your right leg extended back. Take your left hand to your belly so that when you externally rotate your right leg and foot, you feel minimal movement in your belly/pelvis. This is not only a good way to practice hip rotation, but it’s also a great core exercise!

One inspiring song:

“Kaffeklubben” by Camel Power Club

One inspiring quote:

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
– Leo Tolstoy

Happy Wednesday!

Let’s burn off some Warrior energy this week! I have a FREE 33-Minute Strong Warrior Flow ready for you! Click here or on the class preview collage below to go to my website for the class. You can either scroll down until you see the name of the class OR you can look in the menu bar where I have the classes organized by time.

I made the class free this week because when I was recording, I didn’t realize until the end that my feet were cut off a bit. You may not even notice, but I figured you guys have been such loyal students, you deserve a free class anyway!!

The story behind the Warrior poses is so interesting…you may just feel a difference in your Warrior today by reading it. If you missed the link to the story last week, just click here! And, if you want to incorporate last week’s cue into today’s class, click here to go to my website where you can always find the monthly cues.

One inspiring cue:

While in Warrior One, press your back foot into the mat and attempt to drag it towards the midline of your body (it’s an isometric contraction so your foot will not actually move).

I picked up this cue from Dr. Ray Long (surgeon and yoga instructor), and love the subtle action this cue creates for a deeper stretch in the hip flexor of my back leg.

When we attempt to drag the back foot towards the midline, the adductor magnus is engaged and, according to Ray Long, “the result is that the pelvis turns (instead of the foot moving). In addition, the hip extends more effectively. All of this produces a unique opening in the front of the pelvis that stretches the hip flexors, including the psoas muscle.” If you have hip issues, try taking a wider stance when using this cue.

Note: remember that the hips do not need to be perfectly square. In fact, some people’s bone structure will not allow them to “square off to the front of the room” in Warrior One. More on “squaring the hips” and placement of the feet later this month.

One inspiring tip:

Practice Warrior One with your back heel touching the wall (your front leg will be facing the center of the room). You now have the wall to press your heel into as you attempt to drag it towards the midline. Practicing the cue in this way gives you more feedback in the back foot and leg.

One inspiring song:

“Breathe and Let Go” by Mihali

One inspiring quote:

“INTEGRITY: Choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”
– Brene Brown

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