Why I developed YOGATONE 360

After teaching yoga for over twenty years and leading anatomy and safety workshops for teacher trainings, I was at a crossroads. I love yoga, but my wrist and back weren’t always loving yoga.

So, I came up with a class (with the help from 2 hot instructors) that I feel minimizes the risk of injury to the back, shoulders, and wrist. I want to continue to be able to workout, practice yoga and get it all done feeling balanced and as pain-free as possible.

What you can expect in YOGATONE 360:

40 minutes of toning work with weights and bands that will work the shoulders, gluteal/hip muscles and core in a balanced way. Motivating music is very much part of this section.

40 minutes moving through traditional standing yoga poses where we focus on staying in neutral spine. We still move the spine through all ranges of motion but it is done with an emphasis on not working to the extremes. Stress to the wrists and shoulders is minimal in this section.

What makes this hybrid class different?

Our yoga and toning sections are practiced separately. We believe it’s difficult to focus on safety and form when you are moving back and forth from yoga to toning with weights in your hands- not to mention picking up and setting down the weights throughout class.

We minimize forward folds in our class (no more than 8), and practice how to strengthen the back body, and find neutral spine (safest position for discs and ligaments), counteracting all the forward flexion we do in our daily lives.

I regularly meet with physical therapists and respected trainers for feedback and safety so this class can be both preventative and therapeutic…without you even knowing it.


"100% awesome... polished and intelligent, challenging and fun, everything just right. Like a hot bar/yoga class. But the whole class has the healing inwardness of yoga."

"OMG! That was so much fun!"

"I feel better and stronger the more I practice YogaTone360. Because I know what to expect, the more I do it, the more I get into my zone… I'm addicted!"


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