Oct 27, 2022 | Standing Figure Four Pose

One inspiring cue:

While in Figure Four Pose, standing on your left leg, stamp your left heel into the ground and then squeeze both glute muscles.

Like every pose, there are many cues for Standing Figure Four, but this is a favorite of mine. Activating vs. not activating a muscle will give you a different sensation in a pose. When you activate your glute on the standing leg in Figure Four Pose, you will feel a sense of stability through your hips, lower body, and even your core. Plus, if you read my last newsletter, you know that engaging the glute on the leg that is crossed over also makes the pose more effective.

One inspiring tip:

Sit against a wall and come into your Figure Four. For more sensation, lean forward and enjoy the stretch!

One inspiring song:

“Deep Connection” (S.T. Remix) by Rob Riccardo, Slow Traverse

One inspiring quote:

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.” 
– Audrey Hepburn

Nutrition nugget:

We are discussing magnesium this month. It is believed that 80 percent of people in the U.S. do not get enough magnesium. Magnesium is a nutrient we need for memory function, bone health, and much more. A reminder from Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. from my last newsletter, “Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is the most critical mineral required for electrical stability of every cell in the body. A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient deficiency.” As I shared in my last newsletter, I highly recommend you read this article, for the best sources of magnesium!

You’ve most likely come across an article or social media post about the importance of magnesium. But when you go to buy it, you will see there are many different kinds of magnesium. So, what kind should you get?

I follow a gynecologist on Instagram, who I love, and here is what she shared about the benefits of different kinds of magnesium:

  • Magnesium Citrate – good for bioavailability, laxative effect, raising magnesium levels
  • Magnesium L-Threonate – easily absorbed, most effective for increasing magnesium concentration in brain cells, aids in memory loss and depression
  • Magnesium Oxide – poorly absorbed by digestive tract, main ingredient in milk of magnesia, laxative, not used to treat low magnesium levels
  • Magnesium Malate – well absorbed into gastrointestinal system, considered gentler on the system with less of a laxative effect, good option for raising magnesium levels in blood
  • Magnesium Taurate – may play a role in regulating blood sugar, can reduce blood pressure and support heart health

If you’re looking for easy, healthy recipes, I made the most delicious wild halibut the other night! Head on over to my recipes page to check it out!