This Month’s Theme: Eagle Arms and the Potential Benefits of Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

Jun 21, 2023 | Coffee, Right Angle Handstand

One inspiring cue:

RIGHT ANGLE HANDSTAND – Push down into both hands and at the same time push into your foot that’s on the wall.

The more you can ground through your hands and the foot that’s on the wall, the more stable you will feel.

One inspiring tip:

If you’re concerned about lifting right into this handstand variation, try floating your foot only an inch or two off of the ground. And be sure, as always, to stay with your breath!

One inspiring song:

“Epico” by PAAX (Tulum)

One inspiring quote:

Nutrition nugget:


In my last newsletter, I covered the benefits of coffee from Hopkins Medicine, and this week I want to cover how to choose high-quality coffee. Why is this important? Because coffee is known to contain mold. Eeeks! For most people, the small amount of mold in coffee isn’t a problem but, for some, it may be. Here are some highlights from the following article (click on the image to read).

“Exposure to tiny amounts of mold in coffee is common and not associated with significant health risks. But if you’re drinking coffee with significant mold content, it may cause side effects. Long-term risks of mycotoxins have been established. Ingesting coffee mold can also cause some possible short-term symptoms. What happens if you drink moldy coffee? Drinking moldy coffee is unlikely to cause much harm. It’s not unusual to consume tiny amounts of mold in food. However, ingesting mold could cause a short-term reaction usually resolved within 24-36 hours.”

“Taste aside, sometimes mold consumption can lead to side effects such as: upset stomach, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, respiratory issues (coughing, sneezing, runny nose). While its good to be aware of these possible symptoms, it’s also worth knowing you may not experience any symptoms. One 2021 study indicates that the OTA levels in coffee are very low risk.”

The key takeaway for me is if you don’t feel great after drinking your coffee, consider trying some different brands and see if it makes a difference.

Here are some tips from Gold Ratio Coffee about how to avoid mold in your coffee:

  • Purchase high-quality, organic coffee beans
  • Clean your coffee maker regularly and disinfect frequently, especially if you see evidence of mold growth
  • Properly store coffee beans or coffee grounds and visually examine coffee beans before brewing
  • Drink regular coffee as opposed to decaf coffee (caffeine is a natural mold deterrent)
  • Be wary of coffee blends and instant coffee (cheap types of coffee are more likely to contain mold)
  • Look for a lab certification on the label and brew it near the purchase date
  • Some coffee brands boast mycotoxin-free coffee, which could be worth researching

Remember, it’s all about balance – in your yoga practice and with your food. If you’re at a coffee shop and want a nice cup of coffee or latte, enjoy! At home, consider drinking higher quality coffee.