One inspiring cue:

Get as big and expansive as you can!! We know that words we say silently to ourselves have power, but what about how you use your body? Getting “BIG” has power!

“What’s absolutely clear from the studies is that adopting expansive poses increases people’s feelings of power and confidence. And feeling powerful is a critical psychological variable.” As Columbia University professor Adam Galinsky and colleagues wrote in a 2016 review, a person’s “sense of power…produces a range of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological consequences, including improved executive functioning, optimism, creativity, authenticity, the ability to self-regulate and performance in various domains to name a handful.”
One inspiring tip:

As you come into Star Pose, stretch your fingers wide. Get expansive through your whole body, including your hands.

One inspiring song:

“Interlude” by Hollow Coves

One inspiring quote:

“Be nice. Say hi.”
This is from a sign on the bike trails in Aspen. So simple. Saying “hi” with a smile on your face is an act of kindness in the world right now.

Nutrition nugget:


Life can get hectic during the holiday season; this is a perfect time to practice slowing down when you sit for meals.

There are many reasons to slow down when you eat, including better digestion and feeling full faster – which ultimately leads to weight loss and more satisfaction.

I’ve listed some of my favorite tips for slowing down while eating below. You can also check out this article that has additional tips and benefits for eating slowly.

Digestion begins in your mouth! Enzymes that aid in breaking down carbohydrates are released in your mouth with chewing…and I mean a lot of chewing. If you plow through your meal without chewing your food properly, you force your GI tract to deal with the food before it’s ready. This can lead to gas, bloating and indigestion.

“Your appetite and calorie intake is largely controlled by hormones. After a meal, your gut suppresses a hormone called ghrelin, which controls hunger while also releasing fullness hormones. These hormones tell your brain that you have eaten, reducing appetite, making you feel full, and helping you stop eating. This process takes about 20 minutes, so slowing down gives your brain the time it needs to receive these signals.” – Healthline

Here are some of my favorite tips for slowing down:

  1. Sit down to eat. It’s easy to grab something and eat while standing. Sit, take a few deep breaths, and then eat. By taking some deep breaths before you eat, you turn on your parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest system), which helps the digestion process.
  2. If you wear an Apple watch, look at your heart rate before you take your first bite and let it slow down. This will enable you to take some conscious breaths before eating and find a place of calm.
  3. Take intentional breaths WHILE eating. This is surprisingly helpful!

Even with eating and nutrition, it comes back to the breath!

To sweeten your holidays and upcoming New Year, I want to share this simple recipe I found. I’ve made it numerous times and it’s the perfect little sweet something for after dinner. Enjoy!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season filled with love, light and peace. “See” you in 2024!!