One inspiring cue:

This week, I’m sharing the same pose that I did in my last newsletter since I know you will love how you feel if you practice it! Click here or on the image below to go to my website for a 2-minute video where I show you exactly how to get into this delicious pose. As I mentioned before, I do this pose almost every day. You can see in the picture where the beautiful, gentle extension of the spine is created.

One inspiring tip:

If you get dizzy when taking your head back, use another block or some kind of support under your head so that your gaze stays up toward the ceiling.

I use my hands for support and enjoy the extension I get in my neck as well. As with everything, start slow. If you’ve never done this pose before, use a rolled towel or small pillow for support under your neck and progress from there.

You can do this pose anytime during the day since you don’t need to be in workout clothes. I bring a block into the sauna and practice this pose while getting a sweat on!

One inspiring song:

“Let It Go” by Jamie Catto, Alex Forster

One inspiring quote:

“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” – Lily Tomlin

Nutrition nugget:


Trace minerals are essential for proper neurological development and some act as antioxidants, such as copper, selenium, manganese, and zinc, which protect the body from long-term damage.

Here are some interesting facts about trace minerals:

  • The food we eat only contains trace minerals if trace minerals are present in the soil.
  • “The water cycle starts with pure water falling in the form of rain and snow. Pure water is the universal solvent and is hungry to pick up minerals from mountains, rocks, and soil.” (Mineral Resource Int.) Since the vegetables we eat absorb minerals from the soil, this should tell us that the quality of the soil is important.
  • “The Earth’s major fluids and the body’s major fluids are very similar in mineral balance. The more likely one was to find a mineral in seawater, the more likely that mineral would be safe and essential for human health. Life has always been closely associated with the seas. Water only flows downhill and carries with it vital nutrients. Although the world’s soils have become depleted, the seas are a nearly perfect source of minerals and trace minerals.” – Dr. Forrest Nielson, USDA

How do you know if you’re getting enough trace minerals? Some signs of deficiency include: anemia, fatigue, poor digestion and appetite, as well as chronic fatigue and brain fog. You can talk to your Dr. about getting tested for some mineral deficiencies if you are concerned.

As always, keep eating a colorful and nutrient-dense diet to stay on a good path to overall health. I regularly post nutrient-dense (and easy) meals on Instagram, especially in my stories. I also work with people privately to help optimize the food they’re eating.

NOTE: One of the key takeaways from my nutrition program is that you can be eating a healthy diet, but if you’re not absorbing the nutrients you’re eating because you have poor digestion (this can be from a myriad of issues), you’re not getting the optimal benefits from the food.

I’d love to hear from you about anything you’d like me to cover in my future newsletters!