Apr 27, 2022 | Tree Pose

While in Tree pose standing on your left leg with your right knee bent, squeeze your right gluteal muscle. 

One of the many actions of your gluteal muscles is external rotation. If you’re looking to gain a little more openness in the bent leg, squeezing your glute is an easy way to do this. Note: not everyone needs to open more, and to some, it may not feel as good. Always do what feels good for you!

One inspiring tip:

As you press your right foot into your left leg, energetically/isometrically draw your right heel forward towards the front of the room. Once again, do you notice a little more external rotation in your right leg?

One inspiring song:

“Expectations” by Lo Moon

One inspiring quote:

“A healthy mind has an easy breath.”

I forget where I found this quote, but it stuck with me for years.

Nutrition nugget:

Manage your stress! Whether you’re practicing yoga, meditation, going on a walk, or talking with friends, managing your stress can have a monumental impact on your overall health…and your weight! You most likely know that cortisol is needed and a normal part of our bodily functions, but too much is not a good thing.

Andrea Nakayama (leader of the Functional Nutritional course I’m taking), has this to say about stress, “While in the short term, cortisol coverts fat into energy to help you cope with stress, if you don’t burn it off, that fat gets redistributed around the waist and hips for that spare tire or beach ball effect…”

She also says, “Get this. It’s not only stress that can affect high cortisol release, but negative emotions create increases in cortisol levels as well. Every time you feel anxious, worried, or annoyed having to cope with a stressful situation, more cortisol is pumped into your system. And those excess amounts tend to make you feel even more anxious.”

So do your yoga, breathe, eat well, and surround yourself with those people who help lift you up.